We aim to address issues of relevance to the industrial bioscience community in the UK. A current particular area of focus for us is the changing drug discovery landscape, which we are looking at via our membership of the Drug Discovery Pathways Group.

About the Drug Discovery Pathways Group

Over recent years pharmaceutical R&D within the UK has undergone a significant transformation. Dominated in the past by large multinational pharmaceutical companies, an ecosystem of collaborative research partners is now emerging which encompasses small and large pharma, SMEs, academia, health charities and the NHS, with each contributing complementary skills and expertise.

In response to the challenges and opportunities presented by this changing world of medicines research, a number of learned societies have come together in an informal partnership termed the Drug Discovery Pathways Group (DDPG). 

The Group seeks to establish a single representative voice on key issues and work to develop solutions to meet the needs of the wider medicines research community.

DDPG consists of 4 core organizations:

  • Biochemical Society
  • British Pharmacological Society (BPS)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
  • Royal Society of Biology 

A broader group of around 20 learned societies and professional bodies are also involved in specific activities. 

Past events

Researcher Mobility Workshop, December 2015. Chun Wai Mai from the International Medical University has been awarded the first Researcher Mobility Grant. His report is available online.

The DDPG, in collaboration with the BPS Industry Committee, are organizing a joint symposium at the BPS
Pharmacology 2014 conference in December titled ‘Realizing the potential of new approaches to target identification and validation’.

Focus areas

The Group’s work focuses on three main areas; industry-academia partnerships, knowledge and skills.

A number of the DDPG societies supported an
Exchange Fellowship Workshop organized by the RSC in December 2013. This event aimed to bring together current exchange fellows across the life sciences (chemistry, biology, clinical) to share their scientific expertise, expand their knowledge of drug discovery and develop new networks and skills.

DDPG at conferences:
Partnerships: Future Models for Drug Discovery,

The 2013 APS Pharm Sci Conference, BPS and RSC joint meeting on Target Validation.

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